BloodShot Spicy Smoked BBQ Ketchup


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When you try this Smokey BBQ Ketchup, you are going to experience a whole new level of Sauce you never knew existed.

Welcome to our World – BloodShot

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One of our Latest Batches, A full flavour and heat Smokey BBQ Ketchup.

This bottle contains 20 x servings of 5ml Each – 100ml – (150ml)


One of our Small Batched recipes that’s made with an intense list of ingredients. This will compliment your food nicely in small amounts. I have infused this with Black Doris Plum; giving the heat lover a full flavour experience with hints and bursts of the smokey cherrywood, apple, pecan, pohutakawa, hickory and a little Mesquite; i’ve slowly smoked these Rocoto chillies with. Over 8 Hours of Smoking and then Prepping, deStalking, Cutting, Blending, Cooking and then Bottling, Labelling all by hand, Then the Signature Wax Seal. you just have cut around it with a knife to leave the lower part connected to the bottle.

Smoked Chilli BBQ Ketchup

Hot and Deliciouss

Smoked Rocoto Chilli,
Brown & White Vinegar, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Special Herbs and Spices, Garlic, Dark Soy, Maple Syrup, Worcester and Black Doris Plum.

Batch #50
BB 05/24

Mill Road, Bombay, NZ
Phone +64 21 0411 854
Made in New Zealand


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