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It started with a 15 year old Red Rocoto plant grown on an Organic Village. in Kaiwaka, NZ. It was never really touched… the effect of the chillies from it was instant hiccups, running nose, sweats, red eyes and pain. It is a dark deep heat with sometimes a devastating outcome; you can eat it like an apple; It’s crisp, fruity, juicy and like a capsicum, it's delicious, but then the heat kicks in… The Original first batch “which made you bleed out of your eyes”, haha; not really; but felt like it. This was the actual effect that influenced the the companies name. Which also suited the Red Rocoto colour as well: “BloodShot” became our Brand Name.
Finding and Making an original recipe to adapt the burning heat within the sauce into something a little more fruitier and sweeter to achieve a more natural balance; we’ve used a naturally brewed white vinegar to extract the tropical flavours out of the chilli. We’ve tried fermentation, different fruits and herbs along with some wild testing that went on before saleable versions become available for the public to enjoy. *it was hard to find testers a second time to test batches after their first!*
BloodShot entered into their first international competition in 2018. The Chili Chompers – Global Awards was amazing and competitive, BloodShot came in at third place and won a Bronze Medal called then the “PEOPLES CHOICE” award, along with some other International companies inc. a Northland company that have a big following for some time, Wild West Worcester so to get the support we needed to win our award was amazing. BloodShot has now been sponsoring people and supporting local charities and often invites the NZ Chilli Champs to test their new recipes and sends out bottles for them to test. This has been building up over the last years and BloodShot hope to make this a bigger part of their business model in the near future.
BloodShot are passionate about using locally sourced produce and buying it as fresh as possible, depending on the “flavour” the sauce needs to have. The 2nd Generation BloodShot seedlings and plants are all grown by our own custom growers, without using any harmful chemicals in the mix or pesticide sprays.
We have our Own new 2nd generation Blood Line of Rocoto plants now that have produced over 100kg already! We have a Number of growers set up around New Zealand and started with Moose and Sharon growing our first seed strain, They were an important part of the BloodShot teams growth over our first year and do everything by hand, from seedlings through to maintaining their nutrients over the season to make our Sauces, Hand Raised and Feed 😛 They supply a number of Sauce makers now.
So getting feedback on their heat, to flavour ratios has ment samples being sent out and tested by many chilli enthusiasts from all around new Zealand and now all around the Globe, USA, UK, Australia, Europe, even in Brazil. (Leandro Mendes from the SBR Cafe – Swim Bike and Run Cafe – Nova Lima, Brazil has tried BloodShot) Now it's your turn, Please give us your Review! It’s up to you now, to continue the buzz and let them know how you enjoyed your Hot Chilli Sauce and anything of course you would like to see them improve or adapt to make it your Hot Sauce of Choice. the BloodShot team. Renton Innes BloodShot. "it's not just all about the Food"

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The first time I tried their Hot Chilli Sauce, I wasn't ready. Just a few drops will do. It's taste has layers of flavours that are very complex and it's exciting to try on different meals. it's Magical, What an exhilarating experience. 5 Stars
Lisa Dey

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We love making Low and Slow style Barbecue Cuisine and Hot Chilli Sauce

We Hand Smoked all our own Chillies for our own custom Recipes

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